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Hello there! I'm Liam Shaw a freelance illustrator & Graphic Designer, I use my creativity and technical skills to bring ideas to life. I am passionate about creating unique and engaging digital illustrations that stand out in today's competitive market.


Whether you need a custom illustration for your website , Book covers, Movies poster, Game capsules/Covers or even custom portrait art, I'm here to help. I pride myself on delivering a high-quality final product that exceeds expectations while staying within your budget. I am also a proud owner of my very own Etsy store having over 300+ 5 star views and over 1000 sales I take pride in all of my work.

I also specialise in teaching beginner to expert in digital art & graphic design hosting workshops and I'm also looking to expanding my portfolio.

Do you have a project? Let's work together


  • Rewind or Die - Game TBC

  • Kaiju Catastrophe - Steam fall 2022

  • Abi Rose Kelly Album cover 2022

  • The Karios Album cover 2022

  • Aliens: Artbook hardcover - September 2021

  • A.S Chambers: Bobby Normal and the Eternal Talisman - April 2021

  • Firefly: Artbook Hardcover - March 23, 2021

  • C.J Upson: The Goblin Circus And Other Short Stories – 18 Oct. 2020

  • A.S Chambers: Hide Not Thou Thy Face - 02 November 2020

  • Ghostbusters: Artbook Hardcover - 19 May 2020

  • Lucasfilm: Topps Artist sketch cards masterworks December - 2019

  • A.S Chambers: Mourning Has Broken - September 2019

  • A.S Chambers: SongBird  - June 2019

  • A.S Chambers: Children of Cain - January 2019

  • The Thing: Artbook Hardcover – 14 July 2017

  • BA HONS Illustration End of year Exhibition Manchester - 2014

  • The Lucky Jotter Art Exhibition Blackpool - 2013

  • Wigan & Leigh College Art show Graphic design 2010

Clients Includes

Over the past years, I've worked with some incredible Publishers & Authors. 
My work ranges from Book covers, Alt Arts, Sketch cards and portrait Illustrations.

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