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Here are a few things to keep in mind while handling and flattening your print(s).

- Please handle the print with clean, dry hands, only by its edges. The oils from your hands can reduce archival qualities, and any fingerprints and scuffs on dark areas will show up as a sheen.

- Always use two hands to support the print, so it will not bend or crease.

- DO NOT use your hands to wipe off any dust, this can scratch and scuff the surface, especially any solid black areas. Please refrain from touching any dark areas at all, even with a soft cloth. Any damage to darker areas will be permanent. If you need to dust off the image, use a clean soft paint brush, or can of air, to remove any particles.

- When framing, use only archival / acid-free supplies and display out of direct sunlight. It is not recommended to frame with the print coming into direct contact with the glass. Please use a mat when framing to provide a separation between the two layers. UV plexiglass / UV glass is recommended.


- Do not roll prints any smaller than the tube they came shipped in. Doing so could cause rippling in the paper.

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